Since 1965, the share of gross domestic product (GDP) devoted to the U.S. criminal justice system has more than doubled. Yet the amount of crime reported to the police is near an all-time high and the amount of violent crime reported is at an all-time high. Perhaps it is time to consider turning more of the criminal justice burden over to the more efficient, innovative private sector, which already plays an important part in the system.


For example:


There are nearly three times as many private security guards as public law enforcement officers , 1.5 million in 1990, and the private sector spends almost twice as much on private security as we pay in taxes to support the public police.


Private bounty hunters, or bail enforcement agents, make the private bail bonding system work for persons accused of crimes by tracking down and apprehending those who try to flee.


And the private sector on occasion has been used innovatively in other ways to prepare cases for district attorneys, to prosecute criminal cases and to employ prisoners behind bars.


One Crime Index Offense every 14.35 minutes

One Violent Crime every 1.12 hours

One Murder every 3.23 days

One Forcible Rape every 3.19 hours

One Robbery every 3.19 hours

One Aggravated assault every 1.90 hours

 One Property Crime every 18.27 minutes

One Burglary every 1.10 hours

One Larceny/Theft every 35.42 minutes

One Vehicle Theft every 1.55 hours

One Arson every 1.06 days




Indianapolis/Marion County Crime Statistics?

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"No matter what type of security service is needed, our customers can expect to have a close personal relationship with the Avert Security team. I personally guarantee your satisfaction"

-Kirk Lonas, President-



Avert Security LLC.,  is a company that uses proven law enforcement styled equipment, vehicles, training and patrol techniques by dedicated professional officers.  We pride ourselves as being the only 'elite' security agency in the State of Indiana. The reason for this is simple. All of our security officers and security personnel are more advanced in security procedures and training than all of our competitors. We specialize in public relations between you, the home or business owner and cooperation with area law enforcement agencies.  Professionalism need not be sacrificed for afford-ability. With Avert Security you will receive both! Your security is our primary concern. No matter what type of security service is needed, our customers can expect to have a close personal relationship with the Avert Security team. An executive staff member will be designated to design and continually monitor the progress of your program to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We cater to your business and can offer security officers that are armed or unarmed.

Uniformed or

Plain Clothes

Wether you want the look of uniformed security or plain clothes security, we cater you your properties needs.





Our unmarked cars ensure that your property/business is guareded at all times. We also have maked police squad cars.

Our comany is fully insured and bonded. Our licensed proffesionals make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Road Patrols

Bicycle Patrols

We offer bicycle patrols of your property to make sure that the area that can not be patroled by a car are well watched.

We have the experience and professionalism you are looking for! Since 1997. Avert Security has utilized proven law enforcements style equipment, vehicles, training and techniques by dedicated security offices and off-duty enforcement personnel.


We specialize in the relationship between you, the home or business owner, and local law enforcement; this forms the safest and most effective security environment for our clients. Your security program will be designed and monitored to incorporate changing circumstances, needs and/or requirements. Helping you to provide both a safe community is our number one priority.


Allow us the opportunity to show you how we can customize a security program for your unique needs and budget



Vandalism & Property Damage

Our uniformed officers provide a real deterrent to vandalism and property damage. Offices are trained to handle delicate situations.

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